• Learn from the past
  • Accurately see the present
  • Sense what the future holds

Dr. Brunson currently offers 4 topics as either keynotes or workshops.

Therapeutic Suggestions:

Enhancing Healing through Improved Patient Communication



Accelerating Evolution Beyond Your Horizons!

To stay competitive you must create your future.  This requires leadership and teamwork that is insightful, flexible and passionate. Mere adaptation and reaction have no roll in achieving superior performance. By learning from the past, accurately seeing the present, and sensing what is to come you will discover how exciting your possibilities can become.

Dr. Tim Brunson gives memorable speeches and presents impactful workshops for organizations, corporations and health care groups that want to remain leaders among their peers.  Based upon a keen understanding of where we've been and what the future may hold, he shows audiences how they can dissolve personal and institutional resistance to achieve the accomplishments of their dreams. 

Tim's varied background as a leader, entrepreneur, researcher, teacher, and therapist give him a unique insight to how things work and the mechanics for effective transformation.  By merging the dynamics of cutting-edge mind/body discoveries with the realism of the corporate world, he will surely leave you looking at your future as you have never done before.   

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